Crystal Journey

In the Crystal Journey seminar of the Academy of Conscious Progression the client lays on a massage table or floor. Then the Crystals for the Journey are then placed around their body in a special pattern. The crystals are connected together in a special way. The practitioner then guides you into a unique amazing experience.  Past, present, future, other lives, planets, dimensions, plains of existence.

The Crystal Journey is limitless depending on your imagination

When directed the client can safely access their lifetimes, past or future, with safety, relaxation and detachment, holding a meditative state for long periods of time. It is typical to experience complete observance of each journey, including seeing, feeling, smelling and having a knowing of who you are, where you are and your experiences in that Crystal Journey.

Purpose of a Crystal Journey

Part of the goal of a Journey is to bring forward into this life the positive virtues, characteristics and knowledge from the journey being viewed. It also gives the opportunity to resolve and heal these lives, bringing the healing to now. This is a great opportunity to release yourself from events that maybe holding you back from success, abundance or even happiness in this life time.

The training and what to expect:

To take you past the basic use of etheric flight through Crystal’s into a deeper understanding on how you can use this as a tool to heal subconscious woundings, as well as Crystal care, exploring past or ancestral/genetic memories and explore your future. Travel to any point on the Earth and any time period while communicating with guardian Angels and Spirit guides.

Crystal Journeying helps to resolving shadow patterns and bring forth gifts and abilities into the now.

A note from Stormie: Crystal Journey, Crystal Layouts, Crystal Visioning no matter the name, practicing this technique will  rapidly improve your intuitive skills.  People who initially have trouble visualising will often find that after 5 or so Crystal Layouts they can see, hear, smell, touch and feel more clearly and easily in an intuitive capacity. Even if you do not plan to work with others, this technique will bring your own healing and intuitive abilities to a new level.