The Art Of Reading

This class is fun, easy, creative, inspiring and supports self-confidence.

“life readings”

In the “art of reading” class we encourage a particular type of readings and readers. Readings delivered through conscious speech, clarity, focus and without judgment, whether it is a general reading, a particular purpose or reading with or without questions, the reader’s purpose is to support the client or self in obtaining clarity in life.

Supporting others in finding their own truth.

Why do people seek readings?

Problems, events, confusion, indecision, choices.  Sometimes it’s just to understand why something is taking place in our life.

As humans we have a fear of making the wrong choice and a strong desire to make the right choice. Through the choices we make our destiny unfolds.

To have an understanding of what is going can bring someone great peace.

In the class

The reader is encouraged and given tools to support with problem solving. Tools that help bring a situation into a clearer light, understanding and if possible resolution, depending on and in consideration of what is going on in life.

The tools

– Working with conscious speech.
– Connecting, activating and exercising the third eye.
– Reading the energy field.
– Cartomancy: the reading of Poker cards. Simple yet effective.
– Using Clarity cards, ask a question pull a card.
– Tarot cards.
– Reading cards through the symbols and images that can suggest direction and possibilities.
– Using Clarity Cards with other forms of readings to bring depth and conformation.
– Match box readings.
– Plate readings and Tarot card readings.

Life and Clarity

                  Clarity Cards by Stormie Lewis

Life is a mystery; we shouldn’t know everything that is going to happen. Though when indecision and hard times even curiosity are present, to be assisted in making right choices can bring peace of mind.


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