Sacred Women’s Gatherings

The Dreaming is a term used by Aboriginal Peoples to describe the relations and balance between the spiritual, natural and moral elements of the world. It is an English word but its meaning goes beyond any suggestion of a spiritual or dream-related state.

“We’re not just Women, we’re Goddesses.”

Come and immerse yourself in the richness of this gathering, where women from all walks of life participate in the “Sacred Woman’s Ceremony” to open up to sensitivity and feminine essence. Coming together for a common purpose – The Celebration of Womanhood.

We are female beings; mature, life-experienced women (Crones), grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughters, wives. Lovers we give birth to our children. We are the healers and caregivers of our families and communities.
Come with an empty mind and be present with what is. Come and meet, share, cleanse, clear, strengthen and connect with the essence of the Goddess in you.


All women have a direct connection to the kingdom of the Goddess; through time and living conditions this connection became weaker and weaker. Come and let us play together, let us strengthen this connection and bring healing to all of us.
A woman who sits in the center of her world; open, present, without fear of being touched, without fear of showing herself and the light that emanates from her inner being.


Embrace your sensitivity; touch your self-confidence, sexual energy, vitality and femininity. Strengthen the connection between you and your inner being, you and your core energy, you and Mother Earth, your sexuality and your heart, the Goddess Kingdom and the community of women.
The basic content can be used as a basis for building connections, experience, learning and further development in line with the needs of the group.

Talking Sticks

(ceremonial sticks, also known as’ speaker staff’).
They are used in Aboriginal and North American ceremonies and have a high ceremonial and spiritual significance.
Core strengthening, breathing, movement, movement, dance, expression, exchange in circles, sharing in the truth, re-establishment of the bond and love for Mother Earth and womanhood.

A note from Stormie

I feel blessed to make this meeting possible and to be part of it. Not only for myself, also for my daughters, my mothers and my many sisters. May this ceremony bring healing for all of us.