Ka’aleleau – Flight of the Navigator

Ka’aleleau Flight of the Navigator, The Dance of Life.
Motion, Rhythm, Flow, Evolution, and Cleansing.


Flight of the Navigator, The Dance of Life.

A dance like movement that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. Promoting self awareness through personal focus and growth. Bringing you back to your center.  Navigating through fluidity, balance, and co-ordination to create movement and evolution in ones-self. This is another optimum life tool, building sensitivity and presence.

A personal transformational movement used to perform the massage table work Cultural Bodywork and base of our philosophy.

As you embrace Ka’aleleau your bodywork progresses. As you embrace Cultural Bodywork the dance of life Ka’aleleau progresses. As you embrace these two your whole world progresses.

Ka’aleleau brings you present in your body mind and spirit also aligns and shifts emotional and physical stagnation.

To master this movement is to master the self – it is all about arrival. Once you have arrived then everything in your world will feed you

A group of students performing Ka’aleleau, the dance of life.

Flight of the Navigator, the dance of life.