Hawaiian Floor Work

Also known as back walking, a deep stress release technique designed to help the body open up and let go of emotions held in the cell biology. The whole training process is designed to bring about deep profound shifts. The training and experiences are limitless depending on your desire to transform and progress.

It also supports and encourages body re-aligning also promotes and improves immune function. Flushes toxins from the lymphatic system and helps to restore energy flow. The client is fully clothed lying on the floor mat.

Practitioner uses mainly their knees and feet through presence rhythm and awareness. Supporting the client to surrender and breath within the rhyme of your movement. Stretching, stomach, face and neck work is also incorporated to bring about a sense of completeness.

A practitioner level of training, giving you the necessary skill and confidence to complete a full client based treatment on the floor. Strengthen and support your body while building the ability to be focused and present. This is a great tool that will complement and support any other style of treatments, modality or home life.


Morning Stretching:

Each morning we stretch together to prepare for the days activity. Through gentile calm stretching and feeling your body. We begin to open up the bodies boundaries and limitations. Bringing about a relaxed state where the body and mind are both open. The body’s ability to perform, circulation, absorption and focus becomes enhanced and clearer.


Flight of the Navigator, The dance of life. Motion, Rhythm, Flow, Evolution and Cleansing.

A dance like movement that originated in the Hawaiian Islands. Promoting self awareness through personal focus and growth. Bringing you back to the centre of self. We navigating through fluidity, balance, and co-ordination to create movement and evolution in ones-self. This is another optimum life tool, building sensitivity and presence. Ka’aleleau is beautiful to watch, visually the movement seems to be in perfect balance between Tia Chi and Hawaiian Hula.

A note from Stormie: The environment food and teaching is designed to stimulate optimum skill and transformational progression. A valuable tool to have in your tool box simple and effective. Supports both the client and practitioner in presence, opening, grounding and alignment.