Conscious Healing Courses

Conscious Healing Courses are not just a method of healing, it’s a way of life.

Conscious Healing Courses

Life is worth living in wellness.

Conscious Progression and Conscious Healing Courses are an optimum base for wellness. In the unfolding of our classes we investigate a wide range of tools to support wellness, you as a student, practitioner and client.

Through the Conscious Healing Courses we begin to understand how the world unfolds around us. How unique we are and the world we live in truly is. The training creates a flow supporting us to understand life complexities and to navigate them with greater ease.

You also begin to understand the connection between the physical, emotional and mental bodies and how they co-exist as one. This is why it is important to embrace an holistic approach to self-healing or when you are supporting others to find their own balance. This holistic approach is taught in the Conscious Healing Courses.

A New Beginning, 4 day class 

    • Briefing – understanding the technique Conscious Healing Courses you will begin to undertake.
    • Understanding brain frequency’s energy resonance.
    • Understanding your intuitive senses. Empathy – Seeing – Hearing – Feeling.
    • Different techniques and exercises for meditation, stress release, and strengthening of consciousness.
    • Learning to expand and focus your brain and consciousness.
    • Training in shifting from different brain wave frequency’s.
    • Strengthening and introduction of the intuitive abilities, training of the imagination.
    • Activation of self-healing through working and understanding of you as a whole being and the concept of self-love.
    • Introduction into the application of this technique through examples out of the day-to-day life.
    • Understanding and learning the technique/process work of Conscious Healing.
    • Becoming the practitioner.
    • Daily practical application of what you have learned. Either on your self or with another person.
    • Demonstration of applied principles of a DCH process.
    • Learning to identify the cause of conflicting emotional life concepts and how to release and clear them
    • Learning to work through, cell memory and out of balanced states such as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual to bring about a renewed sense of wellbeing.
    • Learning to make conscious decisions in life through identifying life balance.
    • Understanding the connection between food cleansing and wellbeing.
    • This class has an emphasis on applied application of the principals of this work.
    • And much, much, much more.

Clarity of Being, 3 day class

    • Class qualifications: A New Beginning
    • Creating of new pathways of personal growth to intensify the personal and professional development.
    • Delving deeper, understanding and acknowledge your own destiny, your own worth and self responsibility.
    • Assistance in obtaining clearer understanding of your own consciousness and self-acknowledgement through different practical exercises.
    • Working on topics such as: self-acknowledgement, self-criticism, harmony, disharmony, to be present in the moment, differences between reaction and interaction.
    • Emotional concept work through clearing of different aspects of life for example, conception, pregnancy, birth and soul entrance.
    • Daily practical application of the DCH technique either on them selves or with another person.
    • Demonstration of applied principles of a DCH process.
    • Working with genetic concepts and out of balanced states
    • Working with subtle energies.
    • This class has an emphasis on applied application of the principals of this work.

Conscious Transformation, 15 day class

(minimum 105 hours)

    • Class qualifications: A New Beginning and Clarity of Being
    • Working with a comprehensive manual and support material i.e class, anatomical, health, food and wellbeing.
    • Revision – going over the principles of Conscious Healing and the base outline of a process.
    • This is a hand’s on class full of mental emotional and physical stimulation.
    • Useful verity of information covering all aspects of life
    • Every day informative and practical application of the method
    • Working with the intuitive faculty
    • Crystal layouts another tool and form of treatment to work with your clients. This technique helps to enhance your ability to guide, be present, and listen to your client while in a process. Also stimulates your imagination and enhances your empathic senses. (further study in this field available).
    • Working on conscious speech this is an every day experience.
    • A clearer understanding of distant work.
    • Understanding how to work on a physical disorder ie cancer.
    • Mentally and intuitively working with and looking at the systems of the body i.e. circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary.
    • Going deeper into how to work with, genetic influences, physical mental emotional and spiritual out of balanced states.
    • Time for questions and answers
    • Understanding the connection between physical pain and emotion out of balanced states.
    • And much, much, much more.

Applied spirituality with endless possibilities

In General

The Conscious Healing Courses allows you to create a more open state of self and a sense of flow in your emotional Being. This openness this flow brings a bout shifts in your self awareness, self understanding, inner Being, and the world you live in.

All courses are taught through an Indigenous Learning System “IDS”. Which basically means to learn through presence, witnessing, listening and gathering wisdom by doing.

In each Conscious Healing Courses you go deeper into self and the method DCH
as well as gather new tools to put in your tool box. Furthermore you’ll become lighter and clearer depending on your desired level to progress forward.

For every session you will supported in you own process and when you a supporting another person in their process. These classes supports you in becoming your own guide, teacher and student.

Connecting with the soul
Listening to the spirit
Healing through the body ™