Conscious Healing

Conscious Healing is an emotional counselling method and healing technique, supporting wellness and clarity in all aspects of one’s Self and life.

Implosion-dch-divine-conscious-healingConscious Healing supports you to let go of held emotions that are locked or stuck in your cellular base. This stuck-ness affects you on all levels, influencing the present moment and the future. Through this counselling method and healing technique nearly every out of balanced, state be it mental, physical or emotional can be supported into wellness and balance. This wellness and balance can also be supported through one of the many tools taught in the training of Conscious Healing.

DCH assists in finding and understanding the true cause of a problem creating an out of balanced state in the now. It frees the cause and effects, in a safe and effective way thus assisting in releasing deep conditioning that holds us in a fixed place unable to move.

Conscious Healing delves deep, directing the force of change to release the roots of our limitation held in our cellular, subconscious-conscious self. This includes unconscious, disharmonic life concepts, inherited, physical, deep cellular and soul disharmonies. When we obtain this sense of freedom we open ourselves up to a clearer consciousness in which to create from.

Sometimes in life we feel like we have no more room inside our self overwhelmed and unclear. This can create situations like an over active mind and nervous system. Taking us away from being present and connected to ourselves. Burn out, sleeplessness, depression, physical problems, emotional and mental instability. Even sadness in the soul can create a sense of separation from self and source.

When you experience a treatment of Conscious Healing you are guided into your own truth of what you would like to work on. A practitioner supports and guides the client to find the truth of what is taking place. Not the practitioner’s perception of what is the truth. We cannot truly know or preconceive correctly another person’s truth. When a session unfolds through the truth of a client, you will go so much deeper into the cause of what is creating an out of balanced state. Affecting you in the present moment.

Conscious Healing is a progressive method

Our beautiful planet has mad a huge shift in consciousness and us as the peoples of this planet are in the process of coming into alignment with this shift.

Conscious Healing has utilized this knowledge. Brining it into a more collective to the point progressive state with in its own workings. DCH has become faster clearer, less complicated and deeper. The greatest gift we were given when we came to this planet is the gift of choice. DCH Supports you in maintaining and enhancing this freedom of choice.

Why Conscious Healing ?

Many of us have experienced great limitation in our lives. Conscious Healing gives us the opportunity to truly let go and release that which has held us back for so long. This enables us to move forward to where we really desire to be, while working towards your greater truth.


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