Conscious Progression

Over twenty years ago I had such an incredible desire to change. I knew my life was not right the way it was. I wasn’t at peace inside myself, feeling wrong in every sense of the word. This desire has taken me on an incredible journey and I am grateful. The Academy of Conscious Progression was formed to create a platform on which to share the knowledge and amazing tools being gathered along the way.

Conscious Progression is a platform to support people to consciously progress to their desired level of consciousness.


The Academy of Conscious Progression was first formed under the title “Te Amo Healing Academy of Indigenous Culture” around 20 years ago, progressing into “Being In Transformation” and now its most important role and title “Conscious Progression”.

Our amazing Planet has moved into a higher level of its own evolution. We as peoples of this earth now are in a position to understanding and embrace a higher conscious level of awareness. In our conscious collectiveness we have a greater capacity to understand our own process of evolution in order to consciously progress. We no longer have to change, just progress.

The aim of The Academy of Conscious Progression

To assist people in consciously progressing through grounded principles of conscious spirituality and to bring progression through responsibility and ownership of Being with active participation and self-discovery.

The Logo


Created in 1996 with the help of Paul Carter to signify and represent why this Academy was formed.

The lines that move into the centre of the circle signify people from all walks of life, directions, denominations, cultures, coming together for a similar cause. The two figures in the middle of the circle signify energy in movement with purpose, with function, being totally connected to yourself to your core, your centre and moving forward from this connection: grounded and present.

The element of the circle signifies the oneness, there is no beginning, no end, no front no back, and no separation. There is no first nor last, there is the oneness.

Stormie Margaret Lewis

Founder and developer of CBW and DCH
Quantum Intuitive, Alchemist, Inspiring Spirit, Conscious Education through applied indegenous knowledge inventor.

I have such a love for supporting, understanding and developing self-consciousness. To share this work brings me great joy. When I see others benefitting and progressing from what we have to offer, my heart sings. This is what inspires me to go deeper and further into my own self-progression and supporting others to do the same. It has brought me to an understanding and love of myself that I never thought possible.

My life is an open book, and I am perfect in all my imperfections, I choose to have no limitations on my abilities or self as a conscious co-creator of my world. I choose to take responsibility for my life, my reactions and interactions as best I can in each moment without blame.

I am so grateful for all that is, my world, the wisdom and experience it provides and all that is in it. It provides all that is necessary for me to grow into the fullness of who I am.